This is an evaluation copy of the module named, "Action Form" from

The module below is both a form generator and is the form itself as well. Basically you edit the form, then view the result and repeat until you have perfected your form. This can make both simple forms and very complex forms. It depends only on your effort and imagination.

I recommend that you open the page in two browser tabs. In one tab, put the form into full-page manage mode and on the other tab, view the form itself. Then make your edits on one tab and then save and in the other tab just refresh the page to see the result.

Here is a link to the tutorial videos on, 

And here is the website of the module developer.

This is one of the best modules I have ever used in the DNN Content Management System. If you need a jumpstart, give me a call. 513.474.0015, Mark Buelsing.