Science 5-8, Math 5


Rachel R. Clark

B.S. from The University of Findlay; M.A. from The University of Findlay

Teaches: Science, grades 5-8 / Math gr. 5

Special Interests: Arts and crafts, roller coasters and movies!

At St. Bernadette since 2009.        E-mail:

About my class...

Science classes for grades five through eight are a rich blend of activities, projects, real and virtual experiments, reading, research and note-taking to build and support a variety of science process skills. Classes meet daily for a 50-minute period. Every year, each grade covers topics from life, earth and physical sciences. We also have an annual science festival for the St. Bernadette community, where every fifth through eighth grade student does an independent experiment, invention or research project. Grades kindergarten through four participate by displaying class projects. The festival has featured outside presenters, a games room, a bake sale and a craft booth with upcycled and recycled items for sale. Every year brings something new and exciting!

Instructional material is pulled from a variety of electronic and print sources. Our main curriculum resource is the Science Fusion series by HMH, which features an interactive worktext and digital resources. It is aligned with the Archdiocese Graded Course of Study for grades 5-8. Other sources I use are materials from Full Option Science System (FOSS) modules, Usborne Internet-Linked books, Globe-Fearon Concepts and Challenges textbook series, Prentice Hall Science Explorer series, workbooks from various publishers, and electronic media. Homework is assigned regularly to review and reinforce concepts from class. Longer-term projects and independent work is also assigned.

Curriculum highlights:
5th- energy and food webs, sound and light, force and motion, the solar system
6th- overview of Earth lifeforms, earth materials and resources, atoms and matter
7th-the ocean, matter cycles and biomes, weather, elements and compounds
8th-volcanoes and earthquakes, DNA and heredity, energy transformations



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