Robin Cayton

B.A.  from Northern Kentucky University; M.A.T.L. from Nova Southeastern University

Teaches: Kindergarten

Something special: Mrs. Cayton has been a foster parent.  She loves shopping and spending time with her family.

At St. Bernadette since 2013           E-mail:

About my class...

Our kindergarten meets five days a week for a full school day. Since kindergarten is a child’s first experience with formal school, we know it’s important to get them off on the right foot so that they love school and learning.  Kindergarten is an amazing year!  There is so much going on developmentally at this age.  Our students master their letters and the sounds they make and they learn sight words.  Soon after, they’re blending sounds and beginning to read.  We build the foundation for strong reading skills and foster a love of reading.  Kindergartners learn addition and subtraction, basic science and health concepts, and they write in their journals every day.  Our students participate in “specials”: gym, art, music, computers and Spanish and we sing songs in the classroom to reinforce concepts.  In our faith-based community, they establish a sense of family at St. Bernadette with their classmates and their 7th or 8th grade “buddies.”  They attend Mass with the rest of the school and the religion curriculum focuses on Jesus’ love for them.

A typical day begins at 8:00 a.m. and goes until 2:55.  Kindergartners have a mid-morning snack and recess, and lunch at 12:20 followed by recess.  We attend productions with Cincinnati Children’s Theatre three times a year; kindergartners can play sports, too.  Kindergartners are a part of our community in every way and they love St. Bernadette School!


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