Carolyn Roesel

B.A.  Northern Kentucky University

Teaches: Spanish K-8, Computer K-6

Special Interests: Loves Purple

At St. Bernadette since 2006

About my class...
I teach Spanish to all grades here at St. Bernadette. I start in Kindergarten. They learn simple vocabulary words and learn to put together simple sentences. As they get older, we build on vocabulary learned in previous years, and begin to put longer, more complicated sentences together. They learn greetings and some other common phrases. Beginning in the 5th grade, we start with some limited Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is a software program which allows the students to move at their own pace. The program works on total immersion, which is how we all learned our native language when we were babies. Beginning in the 6th grade, much of their class time is spent on Rosetta Stone, with frequent class instruction included to review key points such as grammar and verb agreement. This instruction builds through the 8th grade. By the end of the 8th grade year, they are familiar with a lot of vocabulary and major grammar issues and have excellent pronunciation due to the native speaker they hear and must replicate on Rosetta Stone. This is great preparation for Spanish they may take in high school.