Fourth Grade


Chris Alvey
  • B.A. from The University of Cincinnati; M.Ed. Xavier University
  • Teaches: Fourth Grade
  • Fun Fact: Mrs. Alvey is an alumna from St. Bernadette!
  • At St. Bernadette since 2013.        
  • E-mail:


About my class...


The fourth grade classroom at St. Bernadette is a self-contained classroom.  The small student to teacher ratio makes it possible for me to get to understand, connect, and teach each student on an individual level.  Since we are together the majority of the day, we can have a great time building a cohesive family-like atmosphere.  Learning in fourth grade is fun, cooperative, rigorous, creative, and most importantly faith-based.  It’s a great place to foster the development of the whole child.

The fourth grade follows the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Curriculum.  While learning that curriculum, third grades enjoy a varied instructional day.  Cooperative learning, hands-on science experiments, writing workshops, Smart Board lessons, and individual instruction are all part of a typical day in the fourth grade at St. B.



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