We follow West Clermont SD's lead on delays and closings because of snow or ice.

1) If WCSD announces a change, we will send a text via Gradelink to confirm. We tested the cell numbers given to us on 11/9 (for K-8) and 11/14 (for preschool families and all St. B staff.) If a number you gave us did not receive a TEST message, let us know. We are aware that the test on 11/9 went out twice. That was caused by a system error.

2) I also did a voice messaging test on 11/9 to K-8 families, but it worried a few of you, and I won't be repeating a voice message unless necessary. A reason to use a voice message instead of a text is to give a fuller explanation when needed.

2) I will try to get closings or delays on the TV stations (it's fun to see our name there!)

3) For PRESCHOOL FAMILIES: If we have a delay, there will be no AM classes in preschool. For PM classes, If we start the school day and inclement weather arrives, you will be texted for any changes or be called by preschool staff.

4) Morning latchkey honors the same delay schedule as the school. For example, if we are on a two-hour delay, morning latchkey will not open until 8:30.

5) If your child rides the New Richmond or Batavia bus and those districts close, your child is excused even if we are in school. However, it is common for those students to be brought in via car whenever possible.

Thank you!

~Mrs. I