Don Hoffmann
  • B.A. from Concordia University, River Forrest, Illinois.  MA from University of Cincinnati, DAAP
  • Teaches:  Art Grades K-8
  • Fun Fact: I did a Big Pig Gig flying pig. His name was Mr. Chops and was based on Mr. Pops from the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. 
  • At St. Bernadette since 2015      
  • E-mail: 

About my class...


My class is not your typical art room. For instance, I don’t call it “art” class – but “creative problem solving” class.  I like to mix up our curriculum between project-based, studio choice, and art history.  We spend about 5 minutes on presenting either ideas or review art terms; then I give the students a chance to choose what they can work on. We do some class projects, but most of the year I open a number of "studios" and allow the students to pick which media and topic they'd like to explore. You could say I focus more on the process than the product. 


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